St Marys Church, Meanus

Meanus church
© Meanus Church

St Mary’s church in Meanus was built in 1845/6. On the 20th July 1845, Dr Cussen, P.P., got Lord Guillamore, who had given the site gratis, to lay the first stone of the new Catholic church at Meanus.

Altar in Meanus Church
© Altar in Meanus Church

The church in Meanus was renovated in 1999. The stained glass windows in the church were donated by the Meanus Dramatic Class, 1915, Joseph and Mary Clancy, Timothy Hartigan of Crean House, and Stephen and Mary Gleeson.

A plaque in the centre of the right wall is dedicated to the daughter of John Gleeson, City of Limerick solicitor, who was buried here on the 19th September 1857 with permission granted by Bishop Ryan. An interesting note about this plaque is that the daughter’s name is not mentioned, although it is she who is buried here.