Church of St Patrick and Bridgit, Grange

Grange Church
© Grange Church

On July 11th 1837 the Bishop, Dr Ryan, laid the foundation stone of Grange church. This church is dedicated to St Patrick and St Brigid. The building of Grange church was completed in 1837 by Dr Robert Cussen, P.P., Bruff.

Altar in Grange Church
© Altar in Grange Church

The church in Grange is small, with a high ceiling. Grange graveyard is in the grounds of this church. Edmond and Alice Fitzgerald gave the altar in this church. Richard O’Donnell donated the window to the left of the altar in 1964.

Inside the church on the left is a plaque to Bishop John Joseph Hogan. This plaque marks the 170th anniversary of his birth in Cahirguillamore and his baptism in this church. Bishop Hogan founded the Diocese of St Joseph’s of Missouri in 1868 and the Diocese of Kansas City in Missouri in 1880.

Plaque to Bishop John Joseph Hogan
© Plaque to Bishop John Joseph Hogan

The grateful people of the Dioceses of Kansas City and St Joseph presented the plaque and the Most Reverend Raymond J. Boland DD, Bishop of Kansas & St Jospeh, unveiled it on the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, 15 August 1999.