Church of St Peter and Paul, Bruff

The parish church in Bruff was built in 1828. It is dedicated to St Peter and St Paul. Lewis described Bruff church as a handsome building in early English style. The building was commenced by Andrew Ryan P.P., and completed by the RC Dean of Limerick, Patrick MacNamara, his successor as PP of Bruff. Andrew Ryan was Parish Priest for 23 years, and is buried in the church.

Bruff Church interior
© Bruff Church Interior

The side altar on the right is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and was donated by William and Teresa Naughton in 1930. The side altar on the left is dedicated to the Sacred Heart and was donated by Patrick and Josephine Kirby in 1950. Other parishioners donated the stained glass windows in the church.

Side Altar to the Sacred Heart    Side Altar to Our Lady
© Side Altars in Bruff Church

Plaques in memory of those buried within the church are to be found on the walls of the mortuary chapel attached to the church. One of these plaques is dedicated to the memory of Margaret Redmond, who died June 24th 1838, aged 11.

Stained Glass Windows behind the altar in Bruff Church

Buried within the church are:

  Fr Timothy O’Meara, Died August 18th 1841
  Patrick MacNamara, P.P., Died 21st August 1838, Aged 48
  Andrew Ryan, P.P., Died December 19th 1830
  Patrick O’Riordan, C.C., Bruff, Died December 1st 1876, Aged 35
  Dean Charles McNamara, Died February 19th 1926, Aged 87

Buried in the grounds of the church are:

  Canon David Houlihan, P.P. 1987-1991, Died May 3rd 1993
  Canon James Culhane, P.P. 1974-1987, Died April 6th 1991
  Canon John Lee, P.P. 1926-1932
  Canon Edmund Condon, P.P. 1958-1973, Died September 23rd 1973
  Donal Cregan P.P., Died 10th February 1892
  Daniel Ryan C.C., Died October 29th 1881, Aged 42.